Mobile AR

Cellular is not the optimal platform for AR. It remains to be seen how many useful applications appear within it, but it is important because it represents the commitment of the world’s largest companies to technology and building a core OS / developer ecosystem that can be transferred naturally to glasses. solutions based on the future.
ARKit from Apple is the latest and most important announcement, giving developers the tools to seamlessly create AR applications for the iPhone and its more than 700 million consumers. It also adds an integral part that Apple needs to release lightweight AR glasses, support the computing power of connected iPhones, and the Apple Watch and Airpods interface (read more here).
Facebook Camera Effects aims to do something similar for the Facebook ecosystem (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram) by turning the camera into a platform for developers to create experiences for the more than two billion people who now consistently use its products.
Google Lens prepares Android developers to do the same quickly, and more importantly, explicitly highlights the interesting parts of AR innovation – it’s not just what we see and interpret via AR that makes it so promising, but the cameras are now incredibly smart, able to analyze what they see and pass that information on to each other and us

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